Office & Commercial

  • New front entrance and hospitality space

  • Re-configured space to suit new uses

  • New Office Facilities

  • New welcome and entrance area

  • New Office Facilities

  • New Shop Frontage, Goodmans, Lutterworth

We understand that our office and commercial Clients need to ensure that their business premises are always fit for purpose, and suited to their business needs.

Over time, as businesses change, we know that the needs of our Clients and their buildings also change.  In some cases, business change is lead by the changes to a building, a change which can often inspire enthusiasm, commitment and forward thinking for a business.

We base our service to our Clients within these sectors on the importance for the works to be cost efficient, delivered on time, and functional for commercial, office and business use.


Vagdia and Holmes have provided an essentially professional, speedy and efficient service helping me with my commercial change of use application. Their knowledge of the system, local planning officers and of course their architectural drawings are all excellently executed but also done with great speed and communication. The service I have received has been clear, precise and no question has felt silly, no option not looked at. I felt so much more comfortable knowing my application was professional and well done and it also went through and was accepted without a glitch. Worth every penny for the help, advice and drawings. Thank you and your team for everything you have done for this application and will do for future work. Highly impressed and satisfied customer.

Hannah Johnson, Lean Body Vision Ltd (2014)

Vagdia and Holmes provided a first class service with personal attention from experienced Architects, with swift turnaround and added value

Office & Commercial
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