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A Quinquennial Inspection is a survey, undertaken every five years, of the fabric of Church buildings, to ensure that the buildings are in good repair.

We undertake a number of Quinquennial Inspections for a number of churches, manses, and other ecclesiastical buildings.  

We serve, or have served, a number of the Methodist Circuits in the area, as well as numerous Churches within Church of England Dioceses, URC Synods, Baptist Unions and the Catholic Church.



In December, 2011, Vagdia and Holmes undertook a Quinquennial Inspection of our Church, Cubbington Methodist Church, in Warwickshire. The Church premises are not the easiest to survey, as the Church itself is 150 years old, and a large Hall, Kitchen, Meeting Rooms and Youth Wing were added in the 1960s. We admired the professional manner in which Mr Vagdia carried out the Inspection. He inspected every aspect of our Church premised from the roof down to the cellar. The detailed report he sent us after his inspection was extremely valuable, as under the headings: Of utmost Urgency; Essential with the next 12 months and Essential within the next 5 years, there were itemised everything that needed attention. The Report was excellent as there were many photographs showing areas that required attention also. I would have no hesitation in recommending Vagdia and Holmes to you.

June Eames, Property Steward, Cubbington Methodist Church (2012)

We read the Quinquennial Report, and may I say how grateful we are for such clear, helpful, and excellent Reports.

Alan Forbes, Property Steward, Beaconsfield United Reformed Church (2014)

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